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Allergy Tested?

By Dual-Shave | June 17, 2019 | The Formula

Hydrocortisone Cream is great for itches and burns. However it also takes the red out when getting irritated skin. If you get razor bumps after shaving your face its giving you a sign that it is sensitive. And if you have sensitive skin then you need to make sure to use Hypoallergenic products ONLY for your face... Just like Dual-Shave! Both HiS and HeR lines have been 3rd party Laboratory tested & allergy proven to work specifically for sensitive skin types, of all beautiful colors, sizes & shapes! If it is not labeled "Hypoallergenic" then it’s NOT FOR YOUR SKIN TYPE. There are plenty of people out there who never get acne... the lucky ones! But for those of us who do, then you need to make sure you take extra care to prevent breakouts with Dual-Shave!