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Why Benzoyl Peroxide?

By Dual-Shave | May 14, 2019 | The Formula

Dual-Shave is a unique formulation that uses benzoyl peroxide as an acne-fighting benefit that also helps to prevent razor bumps and other shaving related skin blemishes.

Benzoyl peroxide is a medication used to treat mild to moderate acne. This topical is used in many beauty products but is many in face washes and acne-fighting washes. In large doses, benzoyl peroxide can cause allergic reactions and harm the skin. Dual-Shave contains a lower dosage of benzoyl peroxide so it does not harm your sensitive skin.

Quickly Clears Acne

Benzoyl peroxide’s largest advantage is that it can clear blemishes quickly. With its antibacterial properties, it kills acne-causing bacterias. Its drying effect allows the excess dirt and oil on the skin to easily be washed off. With new introductions of formulas and concentrations, users can use the product and avoid the benzoyl peroxide drying out their skin.

Anti-Inflammatory Agent

Benzoyl peroxide can also work as an anti-inflammatory agent. It reduces the oxygen in the skin along with the bacteria that are in the pores and decreases the inflammation that is within the blemish. So not only is products with benzoyl peroxide removing dirt and bacteria, but it is also reducing the inflammation of acne blemishes.


Typically, benzoyl peroxide comes in the form of a gel, liquid, cream, lotion, bar, and foam.

When you start using a benzoyl peroxide product, it is best to start with only one application per day. Once you can see the reaction your skin has to the product, you can gradually increase the usage of the product. It is best to rinse the skin off before applying the product with warm water. Using benzoyl peroxide products with other topical medicines can cause skin irritation. Check with your healthcare provider to determine the medicines that can be used while using benzoyl peroxide products.

Dual-Shave HiS and HeR is a medicated product that includes benzoyl peroxide. After testing many times with a third-party laboratory, Dual-Shave found the right percentage to include in its products. Dual-Shave uses only 5 percent benzoyl peroxide in its products to ensure that sensitive skin can within a daily usage. Since Dual-Shave is not only an acne-fighting product, it includes moisturizing ingredients so it doesn’t dry out the skin.

Using Dual-Shave

Shaving: Administer a quarter-sized amount onto freshly cleaned hands. Then cover the entire area that needs to be shaved with a thin layer. Shave the wanted area in the same direction the hair-follicle is growing. Once you are finished shaving, rinse the area thoroughly with cold water to ensure the pores close.

Facial Wash: Rinse face with warm water. Clean hands and administer a nickel-sized amount of the product onto the fingertips. Apply the product to the area needed in a circular motion. Once applied, rinse the product off of your face.