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Cleopatra's Beauty Secrets

By Dual-Shave | May 06, 2019 | News

It seems like beauty and the importance of beauty products are a modern concern. But the search for a beauty regimen that worked has been a long sought out task. One of the most popular ancient times beauty guru was Queen Cleopatra. She had invested years to searching for beauty regimens for body and hair. Cleopatra was considered to be the most beautiful woman in the world during her time. She had discovered remedies for hair loss, younger looking skin, and moisturizing the skin.

Hair Loss

Remedies were created by plants and other natural entities found on the earth. Extracts from the herb stinging nettle could work as a natural hair growth product. It helps prevent the DHT hormone from overproducing which leads to hair loss. Not only do plants help ensure hair growth and prevent hair loss, but they also used essential oils. Rosemary oils increase the blood circulation to the scalp which stimulates the hair to grow. Peppermint oil is known for its healing powers and when applied to the scalp it can encourage the production of oxygen which helps lead to hair growth. Another oil that helps remove dandruff from the scalp which helps the scalp have the perfect environment for growing hair.

Milk Baths

Cleopatra would bathe in goat milk, almond oil, and honey. It deeply nourished and moisturized her skin. Goat milk is also good to use on sensitive skin with conditions such as eczema or psoriasis. It helps to keep the skin looking younger healthier. Bathing in milk helped protect the skin from sun damage since it contains vitamins necessary to repair damaged skin tissue. The alpha-hydroxy acids contained in the milk baths help to remove dead skin and creates a smoother top layer of skin.

Sea Salt Scrubs

Queen Cleopatra would have her servants massage her body with a sea salt scrub. This mixture would exfoliate her body and face. While removing the dead skin, it would create a shiny and softer layer of skin. Dead skin cells will harden the longer they lie on the surface of the skin and will become thicker and thicker causing the skin to look dry. The salt scrub will invigorate the skin and improves the circulation to bring out the skin’s natural glow. Salts also help kill bacteria and reduce inflammation.

New trends have appeared but some products still include these ancient beauty regimens. Dual-Shave's HiS and HeR moisturizing lotion contain goat milk to give the skin a younger, healthier appearance. Try out some of these beauty trends that have been working for ages!