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Dual-Shave New Product Launch

By Dual-Shave | April 12, 2019 | Press

Dual-Shave Launches the First Medicated 2-in-1 Shaving Cream

Dual-Shave™, the Los Angeles-based company that combines shaving products with skincare. The website serves as an inviting access point for customers to purchase and learn more about Dual-Shave’s line of rejuvenating products. The website is user-friendly and provides customers with the information they need to know about Dual-Shave products.

Dual-Shave.com offers the newly-released Dual-Shave HiS and HeR products that are uniquely designed for both men and women. In addition to its use as a shaving cream, Dual-Shave HiS has two unique features—an anti-acne facial soap and moisturizing lotion—that target all of a man’s facial needs in a single product. Dual-Shave for HeR also offers users an anti-acne facial soap and moisturizing shaving lotion for the whole body along with a makeup remover to help a woman feel refreshed before or after a long day. The products contain low amounts of benzoyl peroxide to help fight acne without drying out the skin. Dual-Shave also contains goat milk to rejuvenate the skin and help prevent wrinkles.

“I've used my knowledge and expertise  as a licensed professional in skin, hair, and nails to pass down one product to all customers that can handle all skin problems and its needs.”

-Nisan Lamden, Owner and Inventor of Dual-Shave

Dual-Shave is easy to use: Just wet the skin with warm water, apply to the relevant areas, and gently rinse off with warm water.

Dual-Shave offers a skincare product with multiple uses at a low price. Instead of buying an array of products that clog your shower, you can clear the shelves for just one. For those with sensitive skin, regular skin types, who want to save money, and prefer an all-in-one beauty product, Dual-Shave is the right product.

Dual-Shave is sold exclusively online and ships worldwide. Dual-Shave.com is the online hub for purchasing the 2 in 1 moisturizing shaving cream. On the website, Dual-Shave tells its story, gives tips on how to use the products, and proves it is animal cruelty-free. Dual-Shave is still developing fresh new ideas to expand its product line and its reach to customers. Dual-Shave plans to create a new line of non-medicated HiS and HeR moisturizing lotion without benzoyl peroxide for customers who do not struggle with acne. In the future, Dual-Shave’s growth plan includes selling its products in stores in California and, ultimately, throughout the United States.

To learn more about Dual-Shave and its products, visit Dual-Shave.com.

About Dual-Shave:

Dual-Shave was inspired by the effects other acne cleansers and moisturizers have on sensitive skin. The mission was to help all skin types find a solution to acne while avoiding skin irritation. Creating the product was about finding the perfect ingredients that would be safe to use. In the end, Dual-Shave developed its shaving creams to only contain 5 percent of benzoyl peroxide to prevent acne but also ensure users’ skin does not become irritated during the cleansing process. Dual-Shave made the decision to effectively add medicine to create an anti-acne formula to be placed within the shaving cream lotion.

Dual-Shave products undergo rigorous testing with a third-party independent laboratory. While testing is an important part of the creation of beauty products, Dual-Shave is unlike other companies in the industry. Dual-Shave tests its products on human subjects who volunteer for the study at the third-party laboratory. Dual-Shave has never used animals as subjects for any of their testing. Dual-Shave believes there is no need to have test subjects who do not have a choice in whether or not they want to participate in the study. This is why Dual-Shave worked to become officially Animal Cruelty-Free certified.