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Lotion vs. Foam

By Dual-Shave | March 31, 2019 | Shaving Tips

There are far more benefits to using a medicated & moisturizing shaving cream lotion like Dual-Shave™ rather than your old school typical shave cream foam in a can. Real Medication cannot survive inside a can of foam style shaving cream. Due to the pressure inside the can of foam a certain extreme low temperature is introduced into the container itself which only allows for a moisturizer to survive. The temperature inside of our tube of Dual-Shave™ & it’s unique ingredients with-in the shaving cream lotion is completely opposite which allows for antibacterial fighting medication to be added. This is why the new school shaving cream lotion allows for more benefits rather than just a moisturizer. 

Only Dual-Shave™ has real medication that up until a few years ago needed to be prescribed by a doctor. Benzoyl peroxide medication is thought by medical doctors to be the ONLY medication ever created which specifically fights acne & other acne related breakouts. Also, it is the only medication that when applied and then rinsed off continues working to fight acne & bacteria upon the skin. So next time you see a can of shaving cream next to a tube of shaving cream lotion remember the lotion style shaving cream has far more benefits than the other.