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The Horrors Of Animal Testing

By Dual-Shave | May 22, 2019 | News, Animal Cruelty-Free

Before you buy a certain beauty product, do your research on what type of product testing the company uses. Many big-name brands still test their products on animals. These poor defenseless creatures should not be subjected to this kind of torture just so we can cover up a few blemishes. There are companies who have found ways to create successful products without using animals as test subjects.


In the research and testing for new products, animals can be subjected to experiments that many different forms of torture. Animals are infected with diseases, maimed, blinded, poisoned, and other painful tactics that can have permanent damage to their skin, eyes, and lives. Animals can be isolated from others for extended periods of time, be submitted to electrical shocks, starved, and forced to breed repeatedly. A lab is not a place for an animal to live. Many animals die before the end of the study.


Lab personnel usually lack the training in the areas of anesthetization, incubation, and euthanasia. When improperly performed, procedures can cause animals extreme pain and discomfort. With many companies lacking experience, training, and sensitivity, they do not avoid the unnecessary suffering of the animals. Experiments can entail restraining devices to keep the animals from moving either parts of their body or their whole body. This can last days or even months.


Though the physical damage to these animals is horrifying, it is not the only thing they have to go through. The stress from the experiments are enough to cause anyone suffering, but what makes it worse is the stress caused by their living conditions. Animals are usually kept in cages and unable to express natural behaviors. Animals born in a lab never get to experience fresh air or feel the sunshine. Some animals react in different ways. For example, an investigation of a laboratory leads to the discovery of monkeys frantically spinning around in their cages, biting open wounds, mutilating themselves, and ripping out their own hair. Lab animals day-to-day existence is almost as traumatic as the experiments inflicted on them.


Many may ask why there are no laws and protection for animals. There is one law that provides minimal protection for animals in laboratories, the Animal Welfare Act. This act excludes animals such as rats, mice, and birds bred for research. These animals make up around 95% of animals used in labs. This act does not prohibit any kind of experiment no matter how much pain, stress, and mutilation it may cause. So before blindly picking out which product you want to use whether it is makeup, hair care, skin care, or medicines, check how these products are being tested.

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