Dual-Shave Blog: Tips & How To Use

How To Use Dual-Shave

Dual-Shave™ is unlike other shaving gels and foams! This product is best used while shaving or washing one's face in the shower, but can also be used in traditional fashions as well.

By Dual-Shave | April 12, 2019

Use as Anti-Acne Facial Wash

Benzoyl peroxide medication is thought by medical doctors to be the ONLY medication ever created which specifically fights acne & other acne related breakouts.

By Dual-Shave | April 12, 2019

The Afterglow

The Afterglow: after using Dual-Shave, this product will leave your face feeling crisp and clean, with no strong scent left behind.

By Dual-Shave | April 20, 2019

How To Fight A Pimple

You can use this product as a single pimple fighter due to its medication. Simply put a dot of Dual-Shave on top of a single pimple & then let it sit for 1hr-3hrs/per day.

By Dual-Shave | April 09, 2019

Fight Acne While You Sleep

There is one simple thing you can do to help fight acne while you sleep. Every 3 to 4 days a pillowcase needs to be changed. In a worst-case scenario, flip it inside out, if you don’t have an extra clean pillowcase.

By Dual-Shave | April 09, 2019

Warning! If You Wax...

Do not use this product 5 days prior to waxing. Generally, waxing is safe, however, there are some potential problems that may occur if you plan to shave using Dual-Shave soon after waxing.

By Dual-Shave | April 01, 2019

Rinse Per Stride

When you shave your face using a razor blade make sure after every stride you rinse your blade in warm to hot water. By doing this you will decrease your chances of irritating your skin and causing acne.

By Dual-Shave | March 18, 2019